"Good old days" - before Euro

We liked the 'good old days', where the Greece currency was drachmer, and we know, that most of the Greek people have the same feelings.
Very often when we talk about it, and we say, that in Denmark we still have our good old currency the Greek people reply ( very sarcastic! ):
We see, that all the prices have gone up with 20-30% but that is not the worst thing. The old Greek people says:
"Food prices are in Euro, but our pensions are still in drachmer!"
In the small villages it is obvious, that something bad has happened - the social life on the small tavernas has gone back - it is now too expensive.


If you want to refresh your memory or see how the 'good old' Greek currency looked then visit:
"University Of The Aegean. School of Science" and see the collection of Notes and Coins.


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