June 2010 New bridge by Kedros.

Pictures from Samos ....

Date 22. June 2010.

Now the new bridge is in use. They managed to have it ready before all the money were used - BUT when will the area around the bridge be cleaned??

We do not understand that they only changed a narrow and sharp curve to a wide and still rather sharp curve instead of making the road as a straight line... Even in the ancient time the greeks knew that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

The result is that 1.700.000 Euro is used to make a more dangerous road than the old narrow one!! On the old road people had to drive slowly and in case of an accident the damages and the injury on people were low. The last 8 pictures shows the risk on the new road - they are all taken within ONE minute!! Some of the cars were driving very fast - more than 100 km. pr. hour ( the tires were screeming in the curves ).

Now we can only wait for the first big accident...