Kokkari Mar. 2012

Photo: Jan and Torben. Text: Torben

Here are some pictures from a wonderful time on Samos. As usual when Torben arrived the weather changed to the better. Many shops and most of the restaurants and bars are still closed. During the last week we can see that the owners now begin to prepare for the season. The temperatures are mostly up to between 19 and 23 degree Celsius in the daytime and down to around 15 degree in the night. The water is still a little cool - probably around 17-18 degree - too cool for a long swim, but very refreshing for a quick morning swim.
25 March was the national day with parades as usual. We did not went to see it, because it is the same year after year and we already have a lot of pictures from that on the site.
Torben will for sure remember this March trip. He has never seen snow on Samos, and it is some of an experience to begin the day with a morning swim and 2 hours later to stand by the snow!