On firepatrol.

The 19 of august 2003 I got the chance to participate on the firepatrol from 2100 o'clock to midnight!
It was very interesting and also nice to feel, that I (if necessary) could do something for the area, I love so much.

Tony arrives in the firetruck, and the 3 hours drive and inspectionin the area could begin.

But first we had to stop at the 'waterplace' and check if the watertank in the truck was full. (It is me and Spiro standing next to the truck).

It was a nice tour on many small roads in the mountains and there was luckely no sign of fire anywhere,

but we found a very tired (and thirsty) pigeon sitting next to the road.

The pigeon was very carefully inspected by Spiro

It joined us on the rest of the tour, sitting in the truck on the extra firehoses next to me

but very often it prefered to hide close to my heart under my 'firejacket' -

Nice to know, that Spiro brought it home, and took good care of it, so it could be OK again!

Stop at one of the good wuepoints.Tony in radiocontact with the firecentral.

Nice nightwue over Kokkari, with Samos city in the background.