Kokkari Jan. 2006-3

Photo: Jan Backstrøm, Kokkari. Text: Samostour/tb.

29 Jan. 2006.
From the road between Samos and Mitilini:
  • 01-29_01_06_001
  • 02-29_01_06_008
Still snow on the top
(above 1000 meters).
Profitis Elias in snow
(Same as the left, but with tele).
  • 03-New_comercial_harbour_1_Samos_29_01_06
  • 04-Samos_town_4_29_01_06
The new commercial harbour.
Samos Town
and the 'old' harbour.


  • 05-tekaffe_29_01_06
29. Jan. - Now it is time for beginning to have coffee/tea outside again!!

  • 290106002
Last 'January picture'. This is not from the Alps! It is Kerkis mountains
seen from the mainroad just before Karlovasi (coming from Kokkari).