Newsletter March, 2012.

This time we also bring the newsletter here in "All year reports".
There are a few reasons for that:


Many of the newsletters we send out we get back with error-message like:

Mailbox full, quota exceeded or address unknown.

This indicates that the subscribers probably have changed e-mail address.

If you earlier received the newsletter and do not receive it now this might be the reason.

We have this time seen that a mailserver in Germany had blacklisted at least 4 of our internet providers mailserver IP addresses - this could also be the reason for not receiving.

If you do not receive it then tell us - if you have changed mail address then just sign up again because all the 'dead' mail addresses will be removed from our maillist.


We also want to give our visitors a chance to see the newsletter

so they can decide if they want to receive it.


To see the newsletter just click on the picture.