Kastro Louloudas Apr. 2012.

We have promised to bring an update of how to find the way up to Kastro Louloudas from Kokkari and mainly to tell if the marking of the beginning of the footpath was visible after the last fire.
Jan and I had a quick tour on our 'two-wheelers' to the end of the gravel road. The 'road' is absolutely not for ordinary cars or scooters! Even driving a Jeep-type or MC with off-road tires is not for beginners!
The tour was made the last day just before the suitcase had to be packed. Therefore we had no time for checking the footpath - maybe our physical condition also had some influence...
The result of the tour is shown below.
The distance from the main road by Kokkari to the footpath is 4.8 Km. It is up, up and up, but as well as we can see is the footpath the worst part.
We used around 1½ hour for our small tour.