News July 2012.

Photo: Jan and Torben. Video and Text: Torben

Many people think on flowers and beaches when they hear the word 'summer'.

The bus drivers on Samos might think on traffic problems instead.

This dangerous plant caught a cyclist a month ago and she disappered. Now it is also eating the bike...

Thomas and Anelia at Alfa Bar are busy serving the tourists on the beach.

Restaurant Mythos has got a 'facelift' both outside and inside

This year they have stopped the 'Greek night' on sundays. It was a success for several years, but the last years there was 'Greek night' every evening somewhere in Kokkari. These evenings are depending on the local peoples participation, and seven days a week is much too much.

Now they have 'Live music evenings' every thursday and sunday instead, and this seems to be an even greater success. Hopefully this will continue for some years (until too many has copied the idea).
At the square they have had live music. This was very popular until it was stopped by the owner of a
nearby bar (not at the square). The owner claimed that the bar lost customers to the square because people stayed there. So now the music are beginning very late (when the guests are leaving the area).


19-DSC3978 DVD 19-DSC3978 DVD VIDEO
Samostour made this DVD in June.
to see and hear some small cuts
from the DVD and to get a feeling
Part 1 Part 2


New shops in Kokkari

'Dragons on the run'. 2 big lizards (60 cm) escaped from Jans neighbour. After two days hunting by Jan they were both caught and safely home in their cage again.

END OF THE WORLD. Andreas's brother is doing a lot of construction work next to the restaurant.